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How to Pass RES Exam in Singapore

How to Pass RES Exam in Singapore

After finishing the course and receiving the course completion certificate, you will be eligible to take the RES exam, which tests your understanding of the real estate business and property law.

The test is given every 4 months and has two parts: a multiple-choice section (with 50 questions), a case study section (15 questions), and a free-response section (10 questions). Each paper has a 2.5-hour time limit.

Both exams must be passed with a score of 60% or above to proceed. If you do not pass one of your classes, you need to retake just that class.

If you have any questions or concerns about your RES exam results, you have 5 business days from the date of notice of results to file an appeal requesting a reconsideration of your findings. You will get a written notification of the result once 14 business days have passed. Please be aware that you will not be given access to the answer scripts.

Two papers in the property agent course will set you back $417.30, or $235.40 separately.

The given study materials are designed to be adequate for the RES course, but you may find it helpful to supplement them with notes from other course providers or to give yourself extra practice using assessment books that claim to closely mirror the RES test’s style.

These notes may be purchased from a number of online marketplaces. Any purchases of paper or books should be made with hard currency.

Usually, prices begin at $30.

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