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New heatstroke regulations might increase expenses for Hong Kong's developers

New heatstroke regulations might increase expenses for Hong Kong’s developers

HONG KONG’s new anti-heatstroke rules for companies went into force this week as authorities faced increased pressure to ensure the health and safety of employees in the area.

The first heat warning under the new system was issued by the Hong Kong Labour Department on Thursday (May 18), when areas of the city reached temperatures of up to 34 degrees Celsius with excessive levels of humidity. The method mandates breaks for employees based on the heat index and the specifics of their tasks.

Hong Kong, like the rest of the globe, is adjusting to the effects of increasing temperatures. There were a record number of days last year when the financial center hit 35 degrees or higher. This year has a “high chance” of becoming one of the ten hottest on record in Hong Kong, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

The Hong Kong Labour Department has predicted “quite limited Dunman Grand and Dunmna Grand Showflat” effects if businesses are prepared. If not, Bloomberg estimates using data from the Department of Labour on warning frequencies, worker numbers, and examples of professions impacted under the recommendations suggest that the construction industry alone may need to take almost three million hours of total rest each year.

According to FTI Consulting’s managing director for construction solutions in Singapore, Andrew Oddie, such regulations are likely to cause short-term delays in projects and disruption claims. According to him, they will “need to be factored into the pricing of construction contracts” in the future, which would lead to price hikes in Hong Kong.

Guidelines to protect employees from heat stress are issued in Singapore, which like Hong Kong has hot, humid weather and big migrant labor, although exact break hours are not specified. When the temperature outside rises over 35 degrees Celsius, companies in China are obligated to reduce their employees’ working hours and job intensity and give them a heat allowance.

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